Tours are offered and carried out by our teams.

You can also organize your visits, private and personalized circuits according to your desires.

Concerning the following activities, professional qualified guides will be there to accompany you (reservation).


Hiking, Spa, Tea, Discovery of lava tunnels, 4WD, Quad, Segway, Camping, Forests …


Catamaran, Jet ski, Kayak, Canyoning, Diving, Rafting, abseiling …


Paragliding, Free fall, Helicopter, ULM …


Museums, garden, fairground, picnic, vanilla plantation, coffee house, geranium, rum distillery, viewpoint, house coconut, salt, chocolate, crafts, temple, perfume and spice garden, folio house, choca house, Creole village are all more to enhance your visits.


Travel through breathtaking views and lunar landscapes to make you dream and immerse yourself in the history of this tropical island located in the Indian Ocean …

  • Direction Le Tampon, a flowered town, a murat village
  • Viewpoint Nez de Boeuf
  • Sand Valley
  • Pas de Bellecombe where the Piton de la Fournaise is (for walkers free hike to the extinct crater of Formica Léo)
  • Commerson crater
  • Meal about 20€/pers or snack
  • viewpoint village of  Grand Bassin called the little Mafate
  • then direction le Souffleur at Saint-Leu (natural curiosity) and return to the hotel

Other possibilities:

In the afternoon we suggest a visit to the Saga of the Rum where you will discover sugar cane which is part of the Réunion economy and taste its cocktails

TOURtime2 - 4 Persons5 - 8 Persons
LE VOLCAN7H290 €350 €

Le Maïdo

TOURTIME2 - 4 Persons5 - 8 Persons
LE MAÏDO7H290 €350 €
  • Get up early to explore the fairground market of Saint-Paul and all its diverse Creole, Indian, Malagasy, Chinese cultures …
  • Discover one of the most beautiful viewpoint on the Mafate circus accessible only on foot or by helicopter; also Name of a slave fleeing his masters to fight for their Freedom …
  • Visit the house of geranium and its essential oils and its benefits (Mr Bègue family farm)
  • We offer you a meal at DOUDOU authentic Creole cuisine and aperitifs as well as its desert potato cake flavored with geranium …
  • Cave of the 1st settlement, pier and place of Homage to ancestors
  • CAP Lahousaye point of view … and return to the hotel.

Other possibilities:

In the afternoon, a visit to the VILLELE museum, an old colonial property from the 17th / 18th century and the History of the DESBASSYNS family and the famous Code Noir … You can still feel this atmosphere of yesteryear and some times the soul of slaves …


A verdant cirque with its Chouchou emblem and its multitudes of waterfalls and peaks, some legends of which continue to bring to life the souls of its famous characters. Its inhabitants are as welcoming as their beautiful Creole houses.

  • The folio house and its garden will make you crossed many times …
  • Point view on the white waterfall
  • The Veil of the bride waterfall
  • Meal about 20€/pers or snack
  • On the return visit a Vanilla plantation (ROULOFF and its shop) and discover the recipe for a sweet potato cake flavored with this extract also well used in perfume shop
  • or even contemplated a Hindu temple … (sanisplin and mourouga)
TOURTIME2 - 4 Persons5 - 8 Persons
SALAZIE7H290 €350 €
VOLCAN / SALAZIE9H320 €380 €

Wild South

TOURTIME2 - 4 Persons5 - 8 Persons
VOLCAN7H290 €350 €
  • Langevin and its famous waterfall which rises at the foot of the Piton de la Fournaise volcano and which flows between the basalt plates which seem spring directly from the cliff,
  • and a great old fishing port where time seems to stop.
  • To then go to the wicked Cap Méchant of volcanic rocks and its Arch where you can admire the tail straws.
  • Meal about 20€/pers or snack
  • We will finish this walk by crossing the lava road with its flows, one of the most spectacular of which remains that of 2007 where Réunion is enlarged by more than 30 hectares
  • and the one of 1977 which spared the famous church which bears the name today from Notre Dames des Laves. (museum and mini film on the volcano)
  • Descent to the ocean …
  • Small stop at the east river bridge and stop at Saint-Anne to visit its architectural church
  • Stop at the capital of Saint-Denis

Other possibilities:

A visit the perfume and spice garden, a primary forest and discover the workshop of the ‘Blue Vanilla’.


  • Cilaos and its 400 turns,
  • viewpoints on the cirque crossing the town of Saint-Louis, a major place of religion
  • and its Cane factory sugar.
  • You will be under the charm of its inhabitants who speak while singing, you will appreciate its noble Wine and taste its lentils which excel only on its grounds.
  • The springs thermal baths discovered by hunters and which are recognized as having medicinal virtues
  • and also the house of the Embroidery.
  • Viewpoint at the marvelous rock on the snow peak (Volcano giving birth to REUNION)

Other possibilities:

Discover îlet à cordes

TOURTIME2 - 4 Persons5 - 8 Persons
CILAOS7H290 €350 €

Around Island

  • Visit to the chief town Saint-Denis (prefecture, the famous aviator Roland Garros, Barachois …),
  • crossed its temples from the east towards the architectural church of Saint-Anne and the story on the Saint-Expedit
  • Stop at a pineapple plantation
  • and head for the East River Bridge, Anse des cascades and its fishing port
  • Church of Notre Dames des Laves and its flow from 1977 (mini free film)
  • Lavas Road and its Belvedere on the Piton de la Fournaise and its big slopes
  • Le Cap méchant and its Arch of lavas
  • then direction Grand Galet’s waterfalls
  • and finally the beach of coconut palms Grand d’Anse at Petite Ile
TOURTIME2 - 4 Persons5 - 8 Persons

Other visits are possible: like a day at the domain of coffee and coconut The point of view at Fenêtre des Makes on Mafate or Entre-Deux and the beach road… ( contact us for more informations).

Reunion Island is a warm island where its inhabitants with their multiple religions, cultures, identities live in Harmony …



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